Private Investigator Catches Wife Cheating in New York City Hotel

July 13, 2011

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Signs Your Wife is Cheating? Hire A Private Investigator in Manhattan For Video Surveillance

On the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City was a client who hired my private investigation company, Davis Investigations, Inc. to conduct video surveillance of his wife who he suspected was cheating on him. He recognized the 5 signs that his wife maybe having an extramarital affair with her boss and he wanted to hire a private investigator in Manhattan to confirm his suspicions that his wife was cheating. I met with my client in New York City to understand his wife’s schedule and patterns and we developed a surveillance strategy and plan to catch his wife cheating on him with her boss in NYC. Our licensed private investigators would follow his cheating spouse and record the affair on video during the video surveillance assignment using High Definition (HD) Video Cameras and Hidden cameras as needed.

Cheating Wife Caught on Video at Bar in NYC by Private Investigator.

A surveillance van with two private investigators was deployed outside the couples apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, NY. The private investigators were positioned across the street from the suspected cheating wife’s front door, the client / husband was out for the evening before the private investigators arrived. At dusk the suspected cheating wife exited her apartment building and proceeded to walk East towards the East River. One private investigator exited the video surveillance van and proceeded to follow the adulterous wife on foot, the other private detective operated the surveillance van and followed close behind.

The cheating wife walked to a bar on the Upper East Side in NYC where she had a rendezvous with her lover who happened to be her boss – confirmed. The private investigator who followed her on foot filmed her with a hidden camera. The cheating wife, who was now behaving more like a mistress than house wife, was filmed with a covert hidden video camera at the bar behaving in a promiscuous manner. Her and her boss were holding hands, caressing faces and gazing longingly into each others eyes in between bouts of kissing and groping.

Surveillance Video of a Cheating Wife in a Hotel In New York City

Near midnight the cheating wife and her boss left the bar and walked to a New York City hotel where they checked in under a false name and were observed paying in cash. The bellhop was bribed for information and told the private investigators he learned the cheating wife and her lover planned to relax in the hotel whirlpool on the roof deck overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Always being prepared the private investigator dove into his gym bag and pulled out a pair of swimming trunks. After gaining access to the roof deck the private investigator deployed the covert hidden video camera place on a table overlooking the whirlpool. Walking away to give the couple privacy but still watching his video camera, the private investigator filmed the cheating wife and her cheating home-wrecker boss engaging in sexual activity in the hotel pool.

The husband / client was heartbroken to learn of his wife’s infidelity and adultery with her boss, especially in such a graphic and distasteful manner. “Divorce” were the first words out of his mouth. The video surveillance evidence gathered was successful in that we were able to catch a wife cheating in New York City. The video was used by his divorce attorney to help him minimize his alimony payments to his cheating wife which over the years will add up to over a million dollars saved by our client.

Do you have suspicions or doubts about a cheating wife or husband? Need to catch a cheating wife, husband or spouse on video to protect yourself and children from a disloyal spouse? Hire the best private investigators in New York City to confirm your suspicions once and for all. Get the answers you need about your cheating spouse with video surveillance. Call 914-472-5731 or email Davis Investigations, Inc. We will discreetly plan and strategize with you a video surveillance to put your mind at ease. No obligation for the call.

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